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In Paramētā we work alongside our customers in the transformation of the procurement process and expense management, leading them to an operational model from paper-based to paperless including electronic processes, strategic, with a clear focus on customer success.

We embrace Software as a Service because we believe

that this model gives our clients the best value for money.

We understand that beyond satisfaction, we have to ensure the success of our customers. That is why we are a strategic partner of Coupa.

We have built-in solutions, services, and a methodology

that leads to reaching the goals.

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Comprehensive expense management solution:
Procurement, automation of supplier invoices, and travel & expenses.




BSM best practices

Consultative model that provides our clients with the best practices in Business Spend Management  (BSM). 

Quality implementation

World-class methodology for implementation in record time, with strict quality controls.

Parameta Integration Framework

PIF is in charge of interconnecting Coupa with ERP and non-ERP systems to achieve an End-to-End solution.

Change management

BSM adoption at all levels. Demonstrating the value of new processes

and technologies.

customer success

Constant search to amplify the value that the BSM solution delivers. 

Our 5 Keys To Success


Companies who trust us

What is Paramētā?

Paramētā stands for the word parameter in Japanese, the company name was chosen because Software as a Service Solutions are parameterized, with the customer process to achieve automation and transformation to the electronic model.


The name is also important because of its sound in the Pāli language - Pāramitā, a Buddhist term, meaning "virtue or perfection to be followed". For example, Pāramitā Metta is the virtue of kindness. This is the philosophy we want to deliver to our customers with our service.



  • Paramētā offers world-class software-as-a-service solutions, accelerating their time to value through quality implementation and reliable integration.

  • We believe that beyond satisfaction we must pursue success for our clients.

  • We maintain our leadership thanks to our management system, human corporate governance, and the promotion of our values.

Our Pāramitās (Core Values)

  1. Generosity: We give more than what is expected

  2. Ethics: We embrace the right action

  3. Patience: We understand that everything implies a process

  4. Concentration: We focus because that is the key

  5. Wisdom: We understand that we are part of the whole, nothing is isolated

  6. Enjoy the effort: The path is as important as the goal

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Our services go
to more than 25 countries in the world

Our experience acquired during the last 8 years in more than 50 expense management transformation projects, allows us to face challenging business processes related to:

  • Suppliers

  • Taxes

  • Legislation

  • Language

  • Multi-company


Tels: (+57 1) 466 1475

+1 954 614 4161

 Bogotá DC, Colombia

Boca Ratón FL, United States

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