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Join us for Coupa Training

Start taking advantage of the most comprehensive BSM platform now.

Our focus on Coupa makes all the difference. Join our certification and training program, with specialist-designed content.

Our teams will emphasize the maximization of Coupa usage, sharing their knowledge and experience, acquired through multiple implementations in several countries, which will help you overcome technical and configuration challenges, and to design processes tailored to your business.

Get to know our Parameta Xpert
program now.

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Expert-led sessions, going in-depth on advanced Coupa knowledge, bringing real examples, applicable to your business, as well as considerations and recommendations that follow best-practices.


These sessions are aimed at technical and business profiles, as we strive to help you maximize the functionality and added-value that Coupa will bring to your business.


  • Release 38

  • Smart Award

  • Custom Objects


  • Release 39


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Upcoming Courses

Release 39 Webinar

Spanish: Wednesday, May 08  2024, 09:00 am - 10:30 am (GMT -5)

Portuguese: Quarta, Maio 08 2024,  04:00 pm - 05:30 pm (GMT -3)


May 08, 2024

Procure-to-Invoice - Overwiew

General Description


3 days

Delivery Format


Modules & Topics

  • Platform Foundations

  • Introduction to Business Spend Management


  • The P2P Workflow

  • Coupa System Architecture

  • Your Coupa Role: Admin

  • Collaborate with Others

Control System Access

  • Maintain Users and Assign Roles

  • Create and Maintain Content Groups

Configure System-Wide Data

  • Load and Manage Data

  • Create, Configure, and Maintain Financial Accounts

  • Configure Commodities

  • Maintain Suppliers and Contracts

  • Create and Manage Content

Manage System Customization

  • Create Custom Views

  • Create and Manage Custom Fields

  • Create and Maintain Questionnaires and Requisition Line Forms

  • Configure Company Information and Home Page

Configure Transactional Elements

  • Configure and Maintain Approvals and Approval Chains

  • Configure and Maintain Requisitions

  • Configure and Maintain Purchase Orders

  • Configure and Maintain Invoices

Monitor System and Business Spend

  • Review Insights

  • View and Schedule Reports

Training includes 3 sessions, certifying exam, training certification and badge.


The goal of this three-day virtual course is to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to understand and make use of the configurable capabilities of the Coupa platform.

Participants experience demonstrations and practical exercises in a training environment that emphasizes learning through  hands-on labs with the goal of establishing target configurations. Participants have their own Coupa instance as well as a participant guide covering detailed configuration concepts to help support and enhance learning.

Upon completion of the course, participants will demonstrate their understanding of these concepts by completing the Procure-to-Invoice System Administration Certification Exam. Participants who pass the exam receive a Coupa Procure-to-Invoice System Administration Certification certificate and badge.


This is a great introductory class for anyone who works with or wants to learn about system configuration and management of the Coupa core platform. Roles include, but are not limited to the IT department, system administrators, system implementation managers, and other project team members.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the Coupa Core System and its possible customizations by understanding the required data and the sources from which it can be derived.

    Set up Coupa configuration settings according to what an administrator will be responsible for, and identify best practices.

    Ensure that users are provided with the appropriate content and permissions by configuring their profiles and using the appropriate access features.

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